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The URI Southeast Asia & Pacific (SEAPac) Regional Office brought together 18 delegates for a leadership strengthening program from April 13-19, 2010 at the Meralco Millennium Leadership Development Center (MMLDC) in Antipolo, Rizal, on the outskirts of Metro Manila, Philippines.

Focusing on the theme “Living into the URI Vision” to deepen appreciation of URI’s vision and goals, the event also hosted the URI Young Leaders Program (YLP) led by Sarah Talcott (URI Director of Youth Programs) and Sharon Vaswani (YLP Steering Committee Rep for SEAPac) together with Jahangir Piara, YLP Steering Committee Rep for Asia.

The YLP participants from Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Philippines met to enliven and strengthen their bonds as leaders in their CCs/country. These included three SEAPac Youth Ambassadors and two YLP Ambassadors from Asia together with the Youth Steering Committee member. We value this exchange of experiences and learning.

The YLP program (April 13-15) aspired to empower and build youth leadership through interactive workshops and sharing of experiences. These were conducted on relationship building, visioning exercises, engaging in Heart Listening and team building.

The SEAPac meeting (April 16-18) highlighted URI and workshops on strengthening the Cooperation Circles in the region. The Trustees together with the regional Coordinator facilitated the workshops

SEAPac Day-1 began with grounding in the URI vision followed by workshops on CC Management, Teambuilding, Leadership and Resource Mobilization. A SWOT analysis provided insight and better understanding of the CCs in the region.

SEAPac Day-2 featured Promoting a Culture of Peace workshops, which included Creating Safe Spaces for Interfaith Encounters, Non-violent Communications, Understanding Conflict and a “Peace Jam”.

SEAPac Day-3 In the morning the youth leaders took part in the Sandiwang (Earth Day) celebrations held at the Marikina City Riverside Amphitheatre on Day-3, Sunday, while the Trustees and Regional Coordinator discussed regional matters.

The whole group gathered in the afternoon to share on the regional activities and forthcoming URI celebrations - the 10th anniversary of the URI, which will be celebrated with service projects on June 25-27, and the International Day of Peace on September 21.

During the closing ceremonies, the youth were encouraged to play a more active role in serving the grassroots communities and contribute to building cultures of peace.

What the participants said about the event:

• The five days of workshop was very meaningful and I have learned a lot from here. I will share all my learnings with my Pakistani friends.
• Excellent logistics and organizing! Thank you!
• I loved the “ways of peace” case study workshop. Very helpful to have the practical experience of negotiation.
• I’m leaving this place more knowledgeable, and this will guide me.
• Gave me lots of insights on what to do with my CC.
• Beautiful environment. Nice that the rooms were air-conditioned. Dorms were fine to share.
• Very conducive to learning.
• Facilities and ambience are perfect
• Excellent! They thought of everything! And cared so much!
• Overall it was excellent! Thank you all! Namaste...

URI South East Asia & the Pacific

The URI Southeast Asia-Pacific (URI-SEAP) region covers a vast area of the globe with cultural and religious diversity. Currently, the URI-SEAP has 19 Cooperation Circles (CCs) in 7 countries in this region: Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. Additional interfaith circles in other countries are in their founding stage and the number is growing.

The members of our Cooperation Circles are engaged in fostering friendships and cooperation between peoples of differing beliefs and practices. Through interfaith dialogues, visitations and celebrations and through educational programs and the media we are building bridges of understanding towards just and peaceful societies in the region.

You are invited to join this unique global movement and organize a Cooperation Circle in your area.

Your talents, commitment and passion for a better world are needed in creating cultures of peace, justice and healing!

The Birth of URI

About 12 years ago, Bill Swing, the Episcopal Bishop of California, had a dream. He dreamt that all the religions of the world— the Jews and the Christians, the Muslims and the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Jains, and all the others— would unite to end religious violence and work for peace, justice and healing in the world.

“You’re nuts!”, one listener told him when he started traveling the world promoting his dream. Others call him a naïve, a heretic, the Antichrist. But he persevered.

Eventually, thousands of people shared his dream. And in 2000, the United Religions Initiative was born.

URI is not a religion. All participants adopt the URI Charter, which says, “We respect the differences among religions, spiritual expressions, and indigenous traditions. We encourage our members to deepen their roots in their own tradition.”

URI is a global community engaging over one million people from 120 faith traditions in more than 340 Cooperation Circles in 60 countries.
Working together, they have turned the dream of one “naïve” Californian into something that is transforming their communities and the course of human history.

At URI, we are working for the day when

· Religiously motivated violence is no longer a global threat, and interfaith cooperation is the norm.

· URI Cooperation Circles are a powerful and respected resource for peace, justice and healing in every major city and most towns and villages in the world.

· URI is a respected moral authority speaking with a global voice on critical global issues.

· Women, indigenous people, and youth are full partners in every aspect of our work.

· URI’s activities engage one billion people worldwide.

URI SEAP Cooperation Circles

Currently, the URI-SEAP has 18 Cooperation Circles (CCs) in 7 countries:

1) Centre of Melbourne Multifaith & Others Network (COMMON) CC

Melbourne, Australia
Contact: Ms. Jessiee Kaur-Singh - jessieeks@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.commonmelbourne.com/

2) Unity, Peace and Multiculturalism CC
Adelaide, Australia
Contact: Dr. Ratnam Alagiah - ralagiahasiapacific@yahoo.com.au

3) Peace, Justice, Harmony CC
Sydney, Australia
Contact: Nemat Sabapathy - adib9@unwired.com.au

4) United Religious Education Circle CC
Auckland, New Zealand

Contact: Rev. George Armstrong - gandj.armstrong@xtra.co.nz

5) Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship (INSAF) CC

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: Dr. Amir Farid Bin Dato Isahak - dr_amir55@yahoo.com
Website: www.surforever.com/insaf

6) Malaysian Interfaith Network (MIN) CC
Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: Dr. John Gurusamy - johngurusamy@gmail.com, min_asia@hotmail.com
7) Nur Damai ("light of peace") CC
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: Ms. Padmini Soloman - pamnisol@yahoo.com

8) Ashram Gandhi Puri CC
Bali, Indonesia
Contact: Agus Indra Udayana - nyamp@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.ashramgandhipuri.or.id/

9) Ahimsa Satya Karuna CC
Bali, Indonesia
Contact: Agus Indra Udayana - nyamp@yahoo.com,

10) Interfaith Youths of Cambodia CC
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Contact: Mr Ros Sam An - santisena@forum.org.kh

Contact: Mr. Alfred Tay - tay.alfred@gmail.com

The Kalinaw people
12) Kalinaw ("peace") CC
Cebu, Philippines
Contact: Sr. Sandra Clemente, RSCJ - kalinawcc98_uricebu@yahoo.com.ph

12) Bohol Goodwill Volunteers CC
Bohol, Philippines
Contact: Mr. Bonifacio Amado Quirog, Jr. - boniquirog@yahoo.com

13) Trust, Understanding & Learning Among Youths (T.U.L.A.Y. = "bridge") CC
Bohol, Philippines
Contact: Mr. Ludwig Bon Quirog-wamailto:-warlock_avatar@yahoo.com

Pakigdait group
14) Pakigdait CC
Mindanao, Philippines
Contact: Mr. Musa M. Sanguila - musanguila@yahoo.com, pakigdait@yahoo.com

Mcpa CC
15) Muslim-Christian Peacemakers’ Association CC
Manila, Philippines
Contact: Mr. Lee Collano - leecollano@yahoo.com
16) The Peacemakers’ Circle CC
Manila, Philippines
Contact: Ms. Marites Guingona-Africa - peacemakerscircle_uri@yahoo.com, shekinah8@gmail.com

Be a Member of URI!

Be a member of URI and help strengthen its international network of interfaith activists working to create cultures of peace, justice and healing in their own communities— and throughout the world!

· Form and/or register a Cooperation Circle (CC) - the basic unit of URI membership that consists of local or virtual groups that include at least 7 members of at least 3 different religions, spiritual paths or indigenous traditions; and works in line with the URI Charter.

· Become an URI Affiliate - individuals or single-faith groups who support the URI Charter but have limited rights and responsibilities.

· Become an URI Supporter - by contributing a yearly donation to the URI network.

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